Osprey Break -photography tour (August 2017)

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10 – 13 August 2017 – Kuusamo

Photograph fishing Ospreys in Kuusamo

Early morning in August, you are sitting in a comfortable hide with your camera, looking at an Osprey hovering above you. All of sudden it starts diving and seconds later there’s a huge splash of water in front of you. The bird takes off with a fish and flies towards you before disappearing behind the hide…

This site was established in the late 1960’s and Ospreys have visited it ever since. These ponds provide easy source of food for the birds, which is essential for successfully raising their young ones. Due to the long history of the site Ospreys have gotten used to people working here. Therefore it is possible to change hides even in the middle of the session to get a different angle or light on the birds.

This short Osprey break is scheduled for August when the birds are most active.  The young birds start to learn fishing on their own and the adults are stocking up on food before starting their long migration to Africa.  On average there are approximately 15-20 strikes per day. In August 2016 there were some days with more than 30 strikes per day. The distance to the birds is usually 10-30 metres, but sometimes under 10 metres.

Possible other species: White-tailed Eagle, Lesser Black-backed Gull, Common Gull, Black-headed Gull, Herring Gull, Raven, Magpie, Short-eared Owl

Landcost price: 1495 €

Price includes: Finnature guiding throughout the journey. Osprey hides. All meals and all land transportation during the tour. Tour starts from and ends to Kuusamo Airport. All overnights.

Group size: 4-6 photographers

Please check the tour itinerary here: Osprey Break -photography tour

Please check Flickr gallery: Ospreys in Kuusamo





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