Wild Brown Bear watching in Kuusamo – Meet the king of the Wilderness

From: 120,00 

Now you can easily combine your birdwatching excursion in Kuusamo with Brown Bear watching!
The Brown Bear can be seen in its natural habitat from specially built comfortable hides just outside of Kuusamo. Through our partner you can visit the bear watching hides even in the same day as participating on our birdwatching excursion. The hides are located at 40 minutes driving distance from Kuusamo town centre and Ruka Holiday Resort. There is a 400 meter walk from the parking lot to the hides. All hides have heating and dry toilet.

Bear watching trip starts in the evening at 7 pm, and return on the same night or in the following morning. 

120 euros per evening per person.
170 euros per night per person.
The whole price must be paid at the time of booking: Finnature terms and conditions
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